Important Cosmetic Surgery Information

In cosmetic surgery today, one of the most popular procedures is fat grafting. According to the media, it is a very new procedure, the 'state-of-the-art' in cosmetic surgery.

In fact for Dr. Amar, this is not the case. He developed the revolutionary FAMI™ technique of fat grafting in 1997.

Whether you call it fat grafting, facial fat transfer, fat injection, stem cell facelift, face-lifting with adult stem cells, lipostructure or various other names, FAMI™ is the process of harvesting stem cells from your own fat and replacing it into the face. You can read more about this procedure on Dr. Roger Amar's main website: Fat Grafting

Dr. Roger Amar, founder of FAMI™

Dr. Roger Amar

About Marbella Cosmetic Surgery

The Amar Clinic in Marbella is 35 min's from Malaga (AGP) airport, so an excellent location for your holiday visit to our Marbella cosmetic surgery centre. Our staff speak many languages, English, Spanish, French and German to start, and interpreters can be brought in when needed. Our aim is to provide the highest quality of service to all of our international clients.

At Marbella Cosmetic Surgery - Amar Clinic we have everything you would expect from a beauty clinic, trained staff, clean high standards and sterile environments. You can consult with the world-famous Dr. Roger Amar in person for your FAMI, breast or any other surgical cosmetic questions you want answered.

When you come to the centre or call you will be greeted by Sylvia, she has been at "The Amar Clinic" for many years now, is familiar with all procedures that you will have questions about.

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Amar FAMI™ Foundation

Dr Roger Amar, a French Plastic surgeon, is the Founde of the FAMI™ technique for rejuvenation and repair which improves face lifts and fat injections.

Many doctors from around the world came to learn how to develop this technique with the help of Roger Amar.

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